We all know the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing. Here is an infographic of what lack of sleep can do to us. If you can’t sleep, try these: 

  1. Soothing music before bed time or in the background. You know like the one they have when you go for a massage and you end up falling asleep -  (is that just me?)
  2. Warm bath before bed to relax your body. 
  3. Turn off your phone/iPad/Laptop (any technology) off about ha,lf an hour before bedtime to relax your brain else it will be wired. 
  4. Breath deeply - this will helps reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, releases endorphins, and relaxes your body, priming you for sleep. Inhale for 5 seconds, pause for 3, then exhale

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Unopened, with cards back, unopened with the back of the cards Inside, back of booklet and CD Blueray and back inside Cover, without plastic back without plastic inside booklet Cover art back art


Moon Pride CD + Blueray, Collectors cards from Gamers in Japan

I tried to scan the back and front, but scanner said no, so I took photos with my slightly better camera ^_^;; Click pictures for details


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